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Mary Jo Buttafuoco's shooting sparks media frenzy that spans decades: Part 1

Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot by 17-year-old Amy Fisher, who was having an affair with her husband. He continued to deny it for years while Mary Jo stood by him.
Nov 9

Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter wants to rescue family name linked to scandal: Part 2

After years of being in the public eye, Jessie Buttafuoco said she wants to “change other people’s opinions” about the family name.
Nov 9

Bear Grylls talks about his vigorous training for survival, ‘Running Wild’

The famed survival expert spoke about climbing Mount Everest 18 months after a devastating parachuting accident, teaching his three sons about survival, and all the gross things he's eaten on TV.
Nov 8

Mexican ambush that killed 9 Americans: What we know

A family of 17 was traveling together when it was attacked, leaving three women and six children, including twin infants, dead. “Nightline” examines the grip drug cartels have in Mexico.
Nov 7

Investigators say woman faked cancer, collected over $10K in donations

Jessica Ann Smith said she had colon cancer and detailed her struggles on social media. After she told her story on a podcast, people became suspicious, including, police say, her husband.
Nov 7